3D Intervertebral Foraminoscope System is composed of endoscope, light source system,video recording and monitoring system and operating system, among which the operating system is composed of special equipment, radio frequency ablation and so on.

With brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment, user mode definition, three-dimensional stereo parallax adjustment,manual white balance, automatic gain, sharpness enhancement, color gain adjustment and other functions. 

Foramoscopy has a very wide range of indications and can be applied to almost all lumbar disc herniations, including spinal stenosis, foraminal stenosis, especially discogenic pain and so on.


1)Visual operation, high safety factor, clear vision, can avoid nerve or blood vessel damage

2)Short operation time: 60-90 minutes

3)Low recurrence rate: less than 3%

4)The amount of bleeding is very small, and generally patients will not experience obvious pain.

5)Does not destroy paraspinal muscles, ligaments, and does not affect the stability of the spine.

6)Fast recovery, you can go to the ground the next day after the operation, and return to normal work and physical exercise in an average of 3-6 weeks;Minimally invasive, local anesthesia, doctors and patients can communicate directly during surgery.Accurately remove the prominent nucleus pulposus under fiberoptic microscope.

7)The patient has less trauma and pain, wide indications, good long-term efficacy, flexible operation, easy to learn and use. Can handle almost all types of intervertebral disc herniation, some spinal stenosis, intervertebral foramen stenosis, calcification and other bone lesions.

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