4K Arthroscopy Camera System is mainly composed of host, camera, light source and adapter. In clinical use, it is connected with an endoscope, and is used to convert the visual image of the endoscope into a video image and provide a light source for the endoscope.

Self-developed and optimized image processing chip, the image is better highlighted on the 4K display, improving the efficiency of surgery, shortening the operation time, and reducing the surgical injury.

Video Output InterfaceSDI、DVI-D、HDMI
Interactive InterfaceUSB3.0
Resolution Ratio3840×2160P
Color Rendering Index≥90
Color Temperature3000K-7000K
Total Luminous Flux900lm
Focal lengthNominal focal length of the fixed focal length:22mm
         Nominal min focal length of variable magnification lens:14mm
Static Image Tolerance200
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